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New Build Roller Shutter Systems

New Build Roller Shutter Systems

New Build Roller Shutter Systems

New build shutter design is now part of European architecture and has been for many years.

With vandalism and burglary becoming a more common occurrence it is now widely recognised that there is a need to install a Security shutter into the building structure as opposed to an afterthought.

The Warm Protection New Build System has been designed as an attractive roll shutter system, which is concealed within the building fabric using special lintel and brickwork detail.

The insulated shutter box constructed from UPVC honeycomb section gives thermal and acoustic benefits. With the roll shutter being totally concealed behind brickwork a truly attractive and secure system is achieved.

The Warm Protection New Build Shutter System is best fitted to inward opening windows or doors but can be fitted to outward opening windows and doors. The New Build Shutter System can be adapted to suit wood, UPVC or aluminium windows.

Operation of the shutters is normally motorised using Somfy tubular motors, the world leaders in motor automation.

Various switching arrangements from individual to group and zoned group control are available and can be tailored to suit customer requirements.

All curtain profiles have been specially designed with Security in mind and are the strongest available. To ensure this a special locking system for all motorised shutters is available which is classified to withstand severe pressure from leverage and has been awarded the European ER3 Security Rating.

Manufactured to customer's requirements the Warm Protection Newbuild System will enhance and complement any development.