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Domestic Shutters - WP32

Domestic Shutters - WP32 Foam Filled Aluminium Shutter - Low Security

WP32 Foam Filled Aluminium Shutter

The Warm Protection Super Mini Profile has been designed with aesthetics in mind.

The Tight Coiling Foam Filled aluminium profile drastically reduces the box sizes required to house the shutter curtains they are an ideal choice for Domestic Houses where appearance is paramount.

Constructed from roll formed aluminium sheet which is pre-coated with a double coating then finished off with a final PVC laquer coating for high abrasion resistance. The sheet is then roll formed and injected with CFC free Polyurethane Foam.

Main advantages include: Heat Insulation, Noise Reduction Deterrent Security and Sun Shade.

Available in manual pull cord operation, Springloaded operation or electric operation. The Super Mini system will enhance and compliment any application it is applied to.