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Garage Doors - OVERVIEW

The benefits of the Rolladoor

  • Rolls up into a compact space, creating valuable extra storage room.
  • Park inches from your door, creating extra space on your driveway.
  • No need to move cars to open the garage door.
  • Thermally insulated profiles retain heat inside the garage and any rooms above.
  • Keeps out wind and rain.
  • Remote control operated as standard.
  • In-built safety systems to keep you and your family safe.
Canopy and Slide Hinged Doors A

Canopy doors swing outwards and take up valuable space on your driveway and inside your garage.

Canopy and Slide Hinged Doors B

Side hinged doors open outwards loosing precious space on your driveway.

The Rolladoor A

Park as close as you want to the Ultimate Rolladoor creating more space on your driveway and inside your garage.

The Rolladoor B

Use available extra space in your garage for shelving or utilise head space for storing larger items.

Rolladoor - Easy to Operate

Easy to Operate

Our Rolladoors are supplied with remote control operation with built-in safety system to keep you and your family safe.

Rolladoor - Durable


Our profiles are made from thick insulated high grade Aluminium with Prolack double coating and Polyurethane foam filling.

Rolladoor - Thermally and Acoustically Insulated

Thermally and Acoustically Insulated

Our Polyurethane foam filled profiles feature the best thermal and sound insulating performances.

Rolladoor - Secure


Our Rolladoors have an automatic locking system ensuring your door is secure against would-be intruders.

Rolladoor - Ventilation and Natural Light

Ventilation & Natural Light

Sufficient amount of fresh air and natural light can be provided by using supplemental ventilation or glazed profiles.

An impressive list of standard features.

  1. Somfy Rollixo IO Premium remote-control unit using 868MHz frequency , Bi Directional feedback, Integrated courtesy light, diagnostic led display, integral push buttons and Somfy wireless optical safety edge system complete with 5-year warranty.
  2. Somfy manual override motor with 5-year warranty.
  3. UKCA / CE / TUV certified Somfy anti fall safety brake with 5-year warranty. (Used where applicable).
  4. Heavy duty high impact locking straps with reinforced Fiberglass strengthening hinges. Or direct connection system for wider Ultimate 75 / Hybrid 75 Doors.
  5. Somfy built in alarm function with 105 decibel sounder which activates if the shutter is forcibly lifted.
  6. Heroal superior double or single roller system with soft lead roller to ensure smooth and quiet operation. (Fitted to Ultimate 75 and Hybrid 75 garage doors).
  7. 2x Somfy Keygo, 4 Channel handsets with heavy duty key ring holder.
  1. Heroal’s Prolack superior double painted roll formed profiles with final lacquer finish for extra durability.
  2. Thick extruded Aluminium guide rails complete with either Brush or Neoprene and brush dependant on system used.
  3. Optional Somfy anti-vandal wireless keypad.
  4. Optional Vision slats with either clear, frosted or silver mesh infills (only available on Ultimate 75 /Hybrid 75).
  5. Optional full or half boxes for all systems.
  6. Optional reflective photo cell as a secondary safety device.
5 Star Quality and Service