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Garage Doors - Hybrid Garage Doors

The secure Hybrid 75

Our Hybrid 75 is our most secure roller garage door, which can span widths up to 5950mm, ideal for exposed areas. Available in a range of standard colours, the Hybrid 75 features roll-formed, double-skinned Aluminium profiles with CFC-free foam infill, ensuring high strength, insulation, and acoustic benefits. You can choose between a smooth or grooved finish according to your preference. Each alternate profile is secured with high- impact Polyamide Heroal wind hook end locks, fastened in place by steel flat head rivets.

The special wind hooks secure themselves within a unique chamber within the 100mm extruded Aluminium guide tracks, which also have additional Brush and Neoprene seals to ensure smooth and quiet operation. A reinforced steel endplate system, with a dedicated soft lead rubber roller and guide funnel, ensures the perfect entry of the roller door curtain into the special guide tracks.

Simply press your remote control handset from the warmth of your car to watch the door quietly and gently glide up and down. The Hybrid 75 rolls neatly within its steel endplates and has an option for half or full boxes at a surcharge. All Hybrid 75 Garage Doors are powered by Somfy tubular motors via the Somfy Rollixo IO remote control unit, with either wired or wireless opticalsafety edge system, ensuring safety during use. The rolling code 868-870MHz frequency with Bi-Directional feedback ensures optimum security.

When fully lowered, the Hybrid 75 has an automatic locking system either by high-impact Polyamide locking straps or direct connection locking system onto the roller tube, ensuring security from would-be intruders. Should an attempt be made to forcibly lift the door, the Rollixo IO remote control unit emits a 105Db alarm to deter intruders further. For additional light inside your garage, the Hybrid 75 can be fitted with Vision profiles in either clear, frosted, or silver mesh infills, available at a surcharge.

impressive list of standard features

Our most secure garage door, for large openings

  • Maximum width available 5950mm over guide tracks
  • Maximum height available 3750mm top of shutter box
  • Maximum size 16 Sq/m
  • 100mm wind hook guides with Brush and Neoprene seals
  • Steel endplates with single roller system or movable roller carriage
  • Somfy motor and control equipment
  • Wired or wireless safety edge system
  • Heavy duty bottom rail
  • Automatic locking system or direct connection to roller tube
  • Typical box sizes 305mm x 305mm / 365mm x 365mm
  • Safety brake
  • Internal fit only
  • Optional half box or full box available at a surcharge

Hybrid Door


RD75 thick insulated profile with Prolack double coating and Polyurethane foam filling.

Hybrid Door

FULL OR Half Box

Full and half boxes can be added at an extra cost to partially or fully conceal the roller shutter curtain, enhancing thermal efficiency.

Hybrid Door


High duty bottom rail gives extra security and stability for the wider span of doors.

Hybrid Door

Safety Brake

TUV tested. Safety Brake UKCA/CE Approved.

Hybrid Door

Locking Strap

Thick reinforced Polyamide locking system.

Hybrid Door


hick Aluminium extruded brush lined guides with weatherfin brush and Neoprene seals.

Hybrid Door

Control Unit

With LED diagnostic display. Internal buttons. Courtesy light and 105 db alarm system.

Hybrid Door

Somfy Rollixo

4 channel keyfob with easy touch button and key ring holder.

Hybrid Door

Somfy Motor

Superior quality Somfy motors.

Hybrid Door

Manual Override

For emergency manual override or power failures.

Hybrid Door

Safety System

Somfy Rollixo Wireless Safety Edge with self check optical sensors for obstacle detection.

Hybrid Door

Prolack Double Coating

The most durable finish available on ‘Rolladoors’. All Heroal 75 mm profiles have Prolack finish which has two coats of paint then a final lacquer finish to achieve a superior durable finish.