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We are fully UKCA and CE Approved.

Warm Protection Products Limited are fully CE approved to BS EN 13241-1. It is illegal to install a power operated garage door in the UK without it complying to the Machinery Directive and Construction Products Regulation. To ensure your door complies both the door, the motor and the control/safety equipment must have a Declaration of Incorporation from the manufacturer ensuring everything is completely tested and certified to the relevant standards complying to BS EN 13241-1. The door should have a label from the manufacturer complying to the tests undertaken to achieve its compliance under the Construction Products Regulation.

On completion of the garage door installation the installer must also provide a Declaration of Conformity and apply a CE/UKCA label with identification information of the installation which is now classed as a machine. The installer must issue operating and maintenance instructions and after a demonstration on how to operate the new door the installer will sign the Declaration of Conformity. The installer will ask the customer to also sign the document as proof that he has given a demonstration on how to operate the door. Each party retains copies of the documentation for their records. If any of the above is not fulfilled then the product and the installation is illegal.

  1. EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS: If a door is located in an exposed area, enduring very high winds and driving rain, the Rolladoor range cannot guarantee complete protection against water ingress. As part of the Rolladoor product testing for CE / UKCA compliance, our products were not specifically tested for this scenario and were classified as NPD (No Performance Declared). Both high winds and high temperatures can lead to increased deflection of the door. It is the responsibility of the installation company to ensure that the door is properly spaced off the wall to accommodate expansion and deflection during these extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, please be aware that darker coloured double doors, when exposed to significant direct sunlight may be more susceptible To expansion, which could potentially affect the smooth operation of the doors.
  2. COLOURS AND FINISH: All boxes, guides, and bottom rails come with a standard Polyester powder- coated finish in either a satin or gloss finish. Rolladoor curtains feature a special electroplated paint finish with final lacquer coating, resulting in a slightly different texture and appearance compared to the box, guides and bottom rails. All laminated wood effect profiles are laminated onto dark brown profiles on the convex side only. The concave side retains the dark brown colour . Plain coloured laminated profiles, are produced using the same colour profile as the chosen laminate. Vision profiles cannot be laminated and are Polyester powder coated in a plain colour, closely matching the chosen laminate colour.
  3. MARKING: The Rolladoor’s nature of rolling on top of itself may lead to paint abrasion, scratches, and pressure points on the Rolladoor curtain. Despite the high-quality paint finish, abrasion may occur due to dust, dirt, and sand particles forming on the Rolladoor profiles. These particles rub against each other , grinding into the profiles. To prevent such abrasion or reduce it as much as possible, we recommend cleaning your door at least four times a year with plenty of soapy water. Please avoid using jet washers, detergents, or cleaning agents. Doors installed in coastal environments are at higher risk and should be cleaned more regularly. Marking can also appear on the inside of the door curtain due to prolonged contact with the locking systems and locking straps used on our doors. This is considered normal and will not affect the operation of the door.
  4. SAFETY: Legislation governing the operation of remote-controlled garage doors stipulates that the user ( operator ) must ensure the door’s opening is clear and free from any obstructions before operating the door . The user ( operator ) must remain in full view of the door during its operation, carefully observing it as it opens and closes. When using app-based products to operate your door, having two safety systems installed is mandatory. Warm Protection Products Rolladoor’s come as standard with the first required safety edge system, and a secondary safety system, such as a photo cell or a similar product, is compulsory to ensure compliance with the regulations.
  5. SERVICE: We strongly recommend that you take out an annual maintenance and service plan with the agent who supplies and installs your door. This would ensure peace of mind and validity of our five year warranty.

* Please Note: By accessing this brochure, you agree to this disclaimer and acknowledge that Warm Protection Limited can modify its terms and conditions without prior notice; the images and information are for representation only and may contain inaccuracies; and you should independently verify all details with Warm Protection Limited before making any decisions. Warm Protection Limited and its associates shall not be liable for any damages or losses arising from the use of this brochure or its contents.

Warm Protection Accreditation

Our 5 Year Guarantee.

GENERAL WARRANTY: Rolladoor, electric operators, spares and accessories are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of five years from the date of purchase. ADDITIONAL PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE The paint finish can be expected to provide weatherproof membrane, i.e. will resist perforation of steel substrate due to corrosion from the weatherside. Any fade of colour change shall be limited and uniform given equal exposure to the local environmental conditions. The guarantee applies to the weatherside of the door curtain only and is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The garage door must be free of impact or mechanical damage, scratches, tears, scuffs or other surface abrasions.
  2. Surfaces must be freely exposed to washing by rainfall and kept clear of bird droppings, accumulated dirt and debris.
  3. The guarantee applies only to the weatherside and where more than 5% of the surface area of any one door is affected. Corrosion, discolouration or other effects arising from elements within the building or from abnormal pollution or contact with aggressive fumes or chemicals are excluded.
  4. The guarantee begins at the time of first delivery of the product by Warm Protection Products Limited.
  5. This guarantee is valid for doors sold in the UK and RoI only.
  6. In the event of a justifiable and agreed claim the company may replace the door or offer a refund at its sole discretion. Any refund will be limited to a maximum value equivalent to the list price of the door applicable at the time of purchase.
  7. Small template marks may appear on the inside of the top section of the Rolladoor curtain, where the locking straps appear, this is normal and will not interfere or damage the door and is void from guarantee.
  8. Wearing of the Rolladoor curtain may appear and be visible when the Rolladoor curtain is fully open. This wear is due to the lead in of the curtain in the guide tracks. The wearing is common and will not result in a defect of the shutter door. The wearing down of the paint to the Aluminium will not result in further damage and is seen as general wear and tear. This wear and tear is hidden within the guide tracks when the Rolladoor is fully lowered. This wear and tear will not be taken as a fault on the door and the Rolladoor curtains will not be replaced if these marks appear. All other parts of the door are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of five years from date of purchase.
  9. The five year warranty is dependant on an annual service inspection and maintenance of the roller door by an authorised Warm Protection Agent. Proof of service must be recorded in the Operation and Maintenance Manual supplied with the door. Failure to carry out an annual service with recorded proof will invalidate the warranty.
  10. The rubber profile at the bottom of the door curtain concealing the optical safety system must be installed onto a level surface to function correctly. If floor levels are irregular, the floor must be levelled or the door stopped at a level point, to ensure the rubber profile concealing the optical beam is not crushed. This may create an air gap under the door which cannot be rectified, unless the floor is levelled. PLEASE NOTE: In line with Warm Protection Products Limited’s policy of continuous product improvement, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notification. Whilst every effort has been made to provide an accurate representation, colours shown in this brochure are forillustrative purposes only and may vary from the product received.

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