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Garage Doors - COLOUR RANGE

Colour - Fir Green

Fir Green

Colour - Agate Grey

Agate Grey

Colour - Anthracite


Colour - Black Noir

Black Noir

Colour - Brown


Colour - Cream


Colour - Cream White

Cream White

Colour - Jamaican Brown

Jamaican Brown

Colour - Light Beige

Light Beige

Colour - Light Grey

Light Grey

Colour - Moss Green

Moss Green

Colour - Pale Green

Pale Green

Colour - Purple

Purple Red

Colour - Quartz Grey

Quartz Grey

Colour - Silver


Colour - Steel Blue

Steel Blue

Colour - Stone Grey

Stone Grey

Colour - White<


Colour - Black


*Please note: The colours featured on this page are a visual guide only and are not an accurate representation of the actual colour.

Laminated Colours

Colour - Chartwell Green Laminated

Chartwell Green Laminated

Colour - Golden Oak Laminated

Golden Oak Laminated

Colour - Rosewood  Laminatedn

Rosewood Laminated

Colour - Irish Oak Laminated

Irish Oak Laminated

Painted Colours

Colour - Golden Oak Painted

Golden Oak Painted

Colour - Rosewood Painted

Rosewood Painted

Colour - Chartwell Green Painted

Chartwell Green Painted